List Universities in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has many Universities, Colleges and Institutes of Higher Education (HEIs) to provide post secondary education including Bachelor's, Master's Research and Technical/Vocational degrees and certificates. These institutes are located across various cities and towns in Afghanistan. Here given List of Universities across different provinces of Afghanistan

List of Universities in Balkh Province
  • Asia Institute of Higher Education
  • Aria Medical Institute of Higher Education
  • Balkh University
  • KAWUN Institute of Higher Education
  • Mawlana Jalaludin Muḥammad Balkhi Institute of Higher Education
  • Sadat Institute of Higher Education
  • Taj Institute of Higher Education
List of Universities in Herat Province
  • Herat University
  • Tolo-e-Saadat Institute of Health Science
List of Universities in Kabul Province
  • Afghan National Security University (AFNS)
  • Afghanistan National Institute of Music
  • Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI)
  • Afghan University
  • Afghan-Swiss Medical University
  • Afghanistan Institute Of Higher Education
  • American University of Afghanistan
  • Bakhtar University
  • Dawat University
  • Dunya University of Afghanistan (DUA)
  • Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education
  • Gharjistan University
  • Ibne-sina Institute of Higher Education
  • Information and Communication Technology Institute
  • Kaboora Institute of Higher Education
  • Kabul Education University of Rabbani
  • Kabul Health Sciences Institute
  • Kabul Medical University
  • Kabul University
  • Kardan University
  • Karwan University
  • Kateb University
  • Khana-e-Noor Institute of Higher Education
  • Khatam Al-Nabieen University
  • Maiwand Institute of Higher Education
  • Mariam Institute of Higher Education
  • Maryam University
  • Mashal University
  • Mohmand Institute of Health Sciences
  • National Military Academy of Afghanistan
  • Oruj Institute of Higher Education
  • Peshgam Institute of Higher Education
  • Polytechnical University of Kabul
  • Prestige institute of accountancy
  • Qalam institute of health science
  • Qalam institute of higher education
  • Rabia Balkhi Institute of Higher Education
  • Rana Institute of Higher Education
  • Rifah Afghanistan Institute
  • Salam University
  • Tabesh University
List of Universities in Kandahar Province
  • Kandahar University
  • Malalay University
  • Mirwais Neeka University
List of Universities in Khost Province
  • Hara University
  • Pamir University
  • Shaikh Zayed University
List of Universities in Kunar Province
  • Syed Jamaluddin Afghan University
  • Kunduz Province
  • Kohandazh Institute of Higher Education
  • Kunduz University
List of Universities in Laghman Province
  • Laghman University
List of Universities in Nangarhar Province
  • Alfalah University
  • Ariana University
  • Khurasan University
  • Nangarhar University
  • Rokhan University
  • Spinghar Higher Education Centre
List of Universities in Other Provinces
  • Al-Beroni University, Kapisa Province
  • Badakhshan University, Badakhshan Province
  • Badghis University, Badghis Province
  • Bamyan University, Bamyan Province
  • Bost University, Helmand Province
  • Borna Institute of Higher Education, Badakhshan Province
  • Farah University, Farah Province
  • Faryab Higher Education Institute, Faryab Province
  • Ghazni University, Ghazni Province
  • Ghor University, Ghor Province
  • Helmand University, Helmand Province
  • Ibn Sina University, Ningrahar Province
  • Jowzjan University, Jowzjan Province
  • Khawja Abdullah Ansari Higher Education Institute, Hirat Province
  • Paktia University, Paktia Province
  • Parwan University, Parwan Province
  • Samangan University, Samangan Province
  • Takhar University, Takhar Province
  • Uruzgan University, Uruzgan Province
  • Wardak University, Wardak Province
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