Accreditation Agencies and Quality Assurance in Afghanistan

Russian aggression on Afghanistan and that followed by civil war has torn the country of Afghanistan in tatters. Many schools and colleges in the country were destroyed and afghan education was adversely affected. Later Taliban aggravated the problems further displaying years of misrule and bad regime.

Education was most badly hit in Taliban times. Only Religious education used to prevail. There was no education for girls and women. Academic curriculum was designed not to include the subjects like science and commerce but to propagate Islamic extremism in different ways.

Post Taliban era saw a bit development in Afghanistan. The constitution of Afghanistan was structured to include the Education as a basic human right up to a certain age. Nowadays surveys reveal that Afghanis are very much interested in education and that they are sending their children to schools and colleges to receive education. Despite Taliban’s misrule and non governance there has been no dearth in the will to study in the minds of Afghanis. However the Afghan education system is poor and much is required to be done so as to compete with major counties of the region. Yet the government is trying hard to improve academic standard and that is why a number of accreditation centres have popped up in Afghanistan in a short span of time.

Ministry of Higher Education(MOHE) is responsible for equitable access to higher education, providing high quality of teaching and research and produce graduates who are competitive enough for global job market. According to National Higher Education Strategic Plan 2010 -2014 a Quality Assurance Agency will be established under MOHE.

Afghan government is taking  initiatives  to establish an accreditation centres and quality assurance agency so as to monitor the different colleges and universities imparting education in the country of Afghanistan. Though it is true that many schools and colleges in Afghanistan lack basic infrastructure yet the government is optimistic as it has plans so as to improve the academic standards of the people in Afghanistan.

Certain obstacles in the path of progress need to be removed and special emphasis is now being given to women’s education in Afghanistan.
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